Our boutique, specialized practice in couples and sex therapy helps you get unstuck in order to discover, create, and share your most authentic, true self.

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No matter your background, you have an open, safe space at our practice to express your authentic self. 

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Boutique private practice allows for more confidentiality and flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend hours.

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Conveniently located in Farragut Square, a couple blocks from the red, orange, silver and blue Metro lines. 

 You, too, can have a pleasurable relationship and sex life.


Whether you are coming to therapy to discuss your sex life, want to feel more connected romantically, or want to prepare for the marital journey, you have a safe and comfortable place to work toward your goals in our office. Through targeted conversations and at-home exercises we will work to help you thrive in your relationships.

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You deserve connection, inspiration, and pleasure.


Let's be honest, maintaining a sexual relationship can be tough, especially in a long-term relationship. So many couples feel like the spark is gone, and feel utterly lost as to how to get it back. Many of our clients feel just like you: uninspired sexually, distant emotionally, and hopeful for change. Find what would bring delight, pleasure, understanding, and connection back into your love life! 

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Individual, Couples, and Pre-martial Therapy


You will find that all of our sessions are comfortable, warm, encouraging, and supportive. One of the biggest barriers to creating change is feeling alone, hopeless, and helpless. We care deeply about you gaining the confidence and hope needed to create change, and are here to help you feel motivated and renewed!

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