My mission is to empower and support you on your path to discovering your authentic self within romantic and sexual relationships. 

Andrea Battiola, Ed.S., LPC

Andrea Battiola, Ed.S., LPC

I was drawn to the therapy field, specifically sex and couples therapy, because of the immense impact that our intimate relationships have on our lives. Our diversity in culture, gender, sexuality, religion, age, and ability both enriches and brings unique struggles to our relationships. However, no matter our background, we all desire to be loved and give love in our lives. This work allows me to be at the forefront of helping individuals and couples create the loving, dynamic, sexual, and mutually respectful relationships they desire. I find immense joy in watching my clients move through distress and into the enriching lives they have been seeking. 

It took many years, extensive education, and specialized training to get to this point. My early academic training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a certification as a Sexual Assault Advocate in the state of Minnesota. While in Minneapolis, I trained and worked at the Sexual Violence Center of Minneapolis where I offered crisis counseling and advocacy to victims and survivors of sexual violence as well as their loved ones, a passion I still have today. After undergraduate, I continued my education at Loyola University - Chicago in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I graduated from this program with an advanced masters degree, as an Education Specialist (Ed.S). While in my educational program, I worked at a private practice that specializes in sex and couples therapy. As I grew academically and clinically, so did I within the practice, advancing from intake coordinator, to clinical intern, to full-time clinical associate after graduation. While working with this practice, I was supervised by both a Certified Sex Therapist, as well as a psychodynamically trained counselor. In conjunction with AASECT accepted workshops and conferences, I completed a year-long sexual education and sex therapy training with The Buehler Institute in 2014. Finally, I moved to Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2015 and began working at Segal and Associates as a Clinical Associate where I continue to specialize in sex therapy and relationship counseling. I hold a full license in D.C. as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

With my clients, I aim to offer straightforward feedback and guidance that is balanced by my genuinely compassionate nature. I enjoy working with clients holistically to help them improve communication, live authentically, and create intimate bonds. My clinical interests include desire discrepancies, women’s and men’s sexual dissatisfaction, working through infidelity, helping trauma survivors reclaim their sexuality, as well as working with people of all sexual orientations and diverse cultural backgrounds to discover their own optimal sexual wellness.

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